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How Much Does Pool Service Cost?
This varies by the size of the pool, the age of the equipment and the amount of vegetation. We feel strongly that low-budget pool service companies are to be avoided. Most experienced pool owners I have met have had at least one bad experience with one of the "cheaper" companies. By extension, there is no need to over-pay for services. We believe our pricing to be reasonable; however, we are not striving to make price our most appealing feature. We strive to provide a higher class of service to the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas by hiring a first-class staff of legal, adult year-round employees, in order to minimize technician turnover, and build consistent customer relationships.
How Often Do You Come Out And Clean My Pool?
It depends on the type of service you sign up for. We offer weekly, twice-weekly, and thrice-weekly visits. Deciding which is best for you depends on a number of factors: the number and frequency of pool bathers using the pool, the proximity and type of vegetation, the size of the pool, and the age of the equipment (modern equipment often requires less attention). The amount of time an owner intends to invest in the pool also plays a significant role in deciding whether twice-weekly service would be appropriate over weekly service.
Wouldn’t It Be Easier And Cheaper If I Service The Pool Myself?
While it may be cheaper, it will not be easy. We have noticed over the years a pattern for new pool owners. Initially, having minimal knowledge of the pool filter system, water chemistry, or the processes involved with maintaining a clean, safe pool, many will outsource the service to a company such as ours. However, one of two things seem to eventually happen — the pool company does a great job and makes it looks easy, or the pool company does a poor job and the owners think they could do better and try to do it themselves. Sometimes it works wonderfully but often, it does not go as planned. Even if it goes well, after a while the owners eventually realize they are spending almost as much on chemicals as it would cost to have a professional simply take care of the pool. Most come to the conclusion that they either have better things to do with their time, or that they do not have the time or motivation to keep after their pool as necessary, (evidenced by a green or dirty pool more often than not). While pool cleaning is not brain surgery, proper knowledge of chemistry and pool equipment is imperative, it’s time consuming to perform the required tasks, expensive to maintain all the appropriate chemicals on site, and to spend weekend or evening family time cleaning as opposed to swimming or relaxing.
Our service technicians today are well-trained professionals who are experts in water chemistry, hydraulics, filtration, plumbing, electricity and sanitization. An improperly maintained pool is not only an eyesore, it can also very easily be unhealthy, and a burdensome annoyance as yet another job that needs to be done! LET US HELP YOU GET BACK TO ENJOYING YOUR POOL!
I Don’t Like Chlorine – Can I Get A Salt Pool?
What consumers call a salt pool is actually a pool with a chlorine generator. Salt is mixed into the water, and through an electro-chemical reaction with the salt the generator creates the purest form of chlorine available, chlorine gas. Salt pools are a more environmentally-friendly option as they do not require the manufacturing of solid chlorine tablets. The cost of a chlorine generator is comparable to the cost of a 5 year chlorine supply; however, a salt pool will be easier to maintain over that time period for a typical homeowner.
Does Too Much Chlorine Make A Pool Smell?
Actually, it's chloramines that smell — that is, chlorine that has been spent burning up contaminants. In other words, a pool that smells like chlorine probably does not have enough chlorine.
Will Chlorine Turn Hair Green?
Hair turns green due to a combination of two factors: copper and alkalinity. Copper gets into pool water from copper pipes and heater coils; it’s pulled there by aggressive, alkaline water. Green hair indicates that the water needs some work. Hair usually assumes its greenish shade after shampooing, however, because the alkalinity in most shampoos intensifies the problem. Shampooing with acidic “swimmers” shampoos, available from most pool and spa retailers, will reverse the process and release the copper
Does Swimmer’s Ear Come From Swimming Too Much?
Swimmer's ear, also known as otitis externa, is caused by the bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa, the most common pathogen found in pools and spas. Unsanitary pool water can be a hotbed for transmission of common bacterial infections, which show up within a few days of swimming. Symptoms of concern include an itchy skin rash, an earache, pink eye, diarrhea, stomach pain, a yeast infection or a cough. We keep a close eye on the water chemistry to prevent such occurrences.
Does A Pool With An Ozonator Need Any Chemicals?
Ozonators do sanitize water, but the process alone is insufficient to oxidize solids within the water. In most cases, the simple act of climbing into the water releases enough contaminants to overwhelm the ozonator's efforts for hours. This leaves the pool unsanitized while in use. Maintain a chemical residual, however, and the spa stays clean even after guests drop in. Ozonators can reduce the need for chemicals in spas — and even in pools — but they cannot replace them.
Do Enzymes Kill Germs?
Enzymes dissolve oils. Animal rescuers use them along the coast after an oil spill. Any product that claims to “sanitize” a pool or spa through use of enzymes, or states that no other chemicals are needed in conjunction with them, violates federal product terminology and undermines public health.
What Are Some Of The Specific Services White Sand Provides?
We provide all the services you need:
Monthly Service: Our monthly service is a thorough once or twice a week cleaning of your pool or spa. Including skimming the top, vacuuming the bottom, emptying out the pump and skimmer baskets, balancing out the chemicals that make your pool water clear and brushing the walls of the pool....Call us for a Free estimate.
Algae Removal: This procedure can take from two days to two weeks to clear-up depending on how severe the problem is, with no need of changing the water. We shock your pool for an additional charge with high levels of chlorine and algaecides to kill the algae in your pool, and vacuum the dead algae to leave your pool clean, healthy and FUN!
Filter Clean-up: We do filter backwashing for FREE! A full filter clean-up service requires opening the filter and rinsing down all the grids and the inside of the filter at an additional charge. We then check every grid carefully and manifold to make sure there are no rips or cracks in them. That way you don't have any debris returning to your pool.
Plumbing: Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, some to splashout and some to backwash wastewater. You may also gain water from rainfall. If you're routinely adding more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak. 
Salt Water Systems: We service top of the line saltwater systems. Call for a Free estimate.
New Plaster Start-up: Protect your big investment in new plaster! After spending thousands of dollars on new plaster, it is imperative to help it “set” or “cure” properly within the first 24 to 48 hours of refilling the pool. How you treat your plaster this first week determines it’s character for the rest of its life. We have many years of experience working hand in hand with the builder to assure the safety of your investment. This is a demanding and specific daily five-day procedure consisting of unique chemistry requirements, special vacuuming and intensive brushing the entire surface of your swimming pool. Trust us to take care of it and keep things worry-free for you.
Acid Wash/Chlorine bath: This procedure is done to pools that have a discoloration of the plaster or have severe stains, and it's a less expensive alternative to re-plastering your whole pool. We wash the whole plaster with a mixture of water and muriatic acid. In special circumstances, a mild chlorine bath is more appropriate for older plaster. This process eliminates the yellowing of the pool and the tough stains in your pool. Includes: FREE Draining of Pool, Full Acid Wash, Refilling Pool with Water, FREE FULL CHEMICAL BALANCE, FREE Chlorine, FREE Acid, FREE DE, and FREE Conditioner.
Pumps: We repair and install all top of the line pumps.
Motors/Heaters: Think your motor has burned-out? Heater not working? We have decades of experience to find the right diagnosis right away. We’ll work with you to not only FIX the problem but PREVENT it from reoccurring.
Annual Tablets: Are you spending a fortune on tablets buying one bucket after another? Protect your budget with our annual tablet service at one low annual fee at less than wholesale!.
Annual Conditioner: Most companies charge conditioner twice a year and may not put in enough or maintain it properly. Trusting that you don’t know how to test, they may not even put any in at all! We believe you (and your budget) deserve better. For a very reasonable fee, we bring the conditioner level up to the proper level (80-100ppm) and we commit to keeping it there all year at no extra charge.
Please call us at 818-996-7946 for more information or to request a FREE estimate!

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