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Board of Health License #T4990
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Here is what our customers are saying…
“They do a great job making sure that our pool is sanitary and clean.  This is especially important because I have young children.  The technicians pay close attention to the water level and make sure that the pool is clean.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.” – Melody S.
After White Sand
White Sand Pool & Spa has performed flawlessly to the demands of our old pools.  White Sand is our sole provider for 10 pools, all with their own set of issues.  Jason, the owner, has bent over backwards to meet impossible deadlines and has gone overboard to insure our pools were the best they could be and looking crystal clear.  No job is too small or too large for Jason to handle.  We give him the highest rating possible for saving us every day!” –Susan B.
Pool Equipment Replacement
​​I was tired of getting jerked around by lazy guys who never came when they said they would or left my pool looking like my 8-year-old daughter did it. White Sand is the first company I've dealt with that not only does the job right but, goes above and beyond to do it great. The service guy totally knows what he's doing and I haven't had to worry about my kids being in the pool all the time, cuz thru the whole summer, it's clear and good to go! You should call White Sand'll love 'em.”  Tite.
​​“They were reasonably priced, professional, and on time. Would definitely recommend them and use them again.” –Talia S.
​​“I have known Jason and his wife for over 10 years now. His story is amazing, his integrity is even more so. Shortly after Jason started White Sand, I needed a new pool person. I called Jason and he came by to look at my pool. I can say that Jason returns calls promptly, sends people over as needed. And when mother nature turns up the wind or the heat, Jason will make sure things are kept clean and sparkling. I have recommended White Sand to friends in the past and will do so in the future. Please do not hesitate to call on his service. And if you need to speak with me directly I will be happy to do that. Shawn - 818.613.7355” -Shawn H.
“I run a large property management company here in Los Angeles. I called White Sand for an emergency after the health inspector fined the pool on one of our new properties. They had 2 guys there cleaning up the pool THE SAME DAY and for the next four days in a row! We kept the client, cleared the situation with the health dept and now we use White Sand for most of our pool properties and all of our new accounts. Great response at a rate my clients love. Two thumbs up to White Sand!” -Statewide
Clean pool
After White Sand, Green to Clean
“White Sand uses a unique system to make sure your pool is being serviced. Each technician has to sign in and out using a sensor that is installed at the time of the quote. This guarantees that the tech showed up to the site, not only that, but also guarantees that the correct guy comes. Every week is the same guy comes instead of other companies that send who ever whenever they want. 

White Sand is licensed & insured, none of my past companies were EITHER! This way you know they know what they are talking about. All their employees are legal residents, so you know they are treated fairly & paying their taxes. I have never had a problem with them or my White Sand pool guy.” Briann B.
After White Sand, Green to Clean

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